Newsroom May 11, 2020

Cook Group operating during COVID-19

Cook Group Operating During COVID-19

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Cook companies have worked hard to protect employee health and safety while continuing business operations and customer service.

Some Cook companies have had to scale back operations, put significant policy changes in place, and rethink how we work. As the world adjusts to this new normal, we want to share our plans for moving forward.

The COVID-19 corporate operations plan describes the changes we’ve made during the pandemic to protect employee health and safety while ensuring our ability to serve customers and patients. It also acknowledges that many of these adjustments will need to continue into the future as we adapt to a new normal.

The plan includes details on COVID-19 policies and procedures, including:

  • HR leave policies
  • Onsite illness management
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Cleaning and sanitization in facilities
  • Physical distancing
  • Remote work guidelines and return to worksite planning
We are providing our plans for operations in this new environment to employees and the public. A downloadable overview of how we are approaching our operations as a company can be found here: Cook Group Operations Plan. Downloadable resources referenced in the plan can be found below.

Cook Group recently hosted a community webinar via Facebook Live to share what we’ve learned in the variety of businesses that we operate – resorts, commercial properties, and medical device manufacturing, and more.

Community webinar resources

Casino Reopening Plan


WBSH Reopening Plan


Human Resources Guidance


Incident Guidance


Management Potential Covid Employee


Return To Worksite Guidance


Working Remote Guidance